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Professional organizations, such as the American College of Sports Medicine, have recommended that most people only need to do one set of weight training exercises to get most of the benefits This is based on the results of more than 30 studies showing that doing more than one set provides little benefit for novice weight trainers. In the past few years, several research groups have challenged this concept. They have found that if the subjects work hard on all the sets, they get more benefit from doing multiple sets.

Dr Andreas Sachlumberger and colleagues from Frankfurt, Germany, found that doing three sets was superior to doing one set in woen who trained two days a week. The training program was only for six weeks, so it's unclear if the results apply to more long-term programs

Peak Those Biceps ! Do Incline Dumbbell Curls

Even though it's winter, you should start training now if you hope to show off your bulging biceps during spring and sumer tThe biceps have a long head and a short head, The ling head supports the largest part of the muscle. It flexes (lifts) the shoulder as well as the elbow. You work the long head of the biceps if you stretch it at beginning of an exercise. Standing barbell curls do not full develop the barbell curls do not fully develop the long head becasue you restrict the motion of the muscle.

The solution is to do dumbbell biceps curls on an incline bench. this stretches the ling head of the biceps and according to electromyography (EMG) data, gives the muscle a terrific workout. To do this exercise, sit on an incline bench with your arms extended, holding a dumbbell in each arm. Curl each dumbbell (one at a time), then lower it slowly to the starting position. Don not sweing the dumbbell-do the exercise slowly and under control. This exercise will give your biceps size and definition.