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exercise may prevent prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second cancer-related cause of death in men, after lung cancer. Many scientists believe that a healthy lifestyle involving exercise and good diet is important for preventing the disease. However, there hasn't been any proof. UCLA scientists, led by Dr. William Aronson, found that the blood (serum) from obese men who were put on an exercise program slowed the growth of prostate cancer cells that were put in a test tube The blood from obese, sedentary men who ate high-fate diets made the cancer cells grow rapidly.

This study was done in test tubes and many not apply to a living human outside the hospital that has prostate canter. Exercise is thought to reduce the risk of many kind of cancer However, we only have good evidence that it prevents colon and certain types of reproductive cancers This study presents some evidence that regular exercise and good diet may prevent other types of cancer.


Most men won't admit it, but they often play with their penis and testicles. Instead of doing it for pleasure, do it for health reasons. Testicular disease can strike men of any age. Unfortunately, many men will not see a doctor if they discover a lump or sore spot in their testicles. Delaying treatment can be deadly. If caught early, testicular cancer is rarely fatal and can be cured with surgical removel of the testicle, radiation, or chemotherapy.

You may also feel pain in the testicles, caused by sexually transmitted diseases, injury, or fluid blockage, see your doctor if you suspect any medical problems in you testicles. Men should get in the habit of exaining themseves every month. You can have your girlfriend do it for you, but she may not know what to look for. Also , if you have a rapid turnoer of girlsfriends, you won't get a consistent examination, so it's better to do it your self.


Insulin is an important hormone that helps the body control carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Some diabetics take insulin injections becasue their bodies have stopped producing it. A study from the University of Buffalo, New Your, headed by Dr. Paresh Dandona, showed that insulin might help treat heart disease Many scientists believe inflammation is an important casue of disease of the heart arteries. The inflammationn is similar to what you experience when you get a sprained ankle-the tissues swell and don't work normally.

In the heart arteries, inflammation hurts the ability of the cells to release chemicls that increase blood flow. The study showed that insulin can calm down the inflammation and make the artery cells work normally again. Diabetics have a very high risk of heart disease, so physicians have been reluctant to prescribe insulin unless it was absolutely necessary. This study shows that rather than promoting the disease, insulin may someday help fight it.