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sex may trigger a heart attack

Many men say tongue and cheek that they want to die in bed while having sex with a beautiful young woman. For some guys this fantasy may not be very far from reality at least the part about dying in bed. A Swedish study showed that you are at an increased risk of heart attack when you have sex tweo times greater than you would have sitting homme watching TV. The risk is four times greater if you are out of shape and have sex. It appears that the stress of sexual activity causes fat deposits to break off from the arteries, which results in a heart attack.

Before you get huffy and give up sex, note that the overall risk of having a heart attack during sex is very low. The stuydy shows that bedroom gym nastics are not very dangerous to the heart if you're fit. Only about one percent of fit men had a heart attack during sexual activity. If you're unfit, don't worry about it. You probably won't get the girl anyway unless you can find one thaat likes couch potatoes.

Second Hand Smoke Is Bad For Your Heart

"Hey dude, do you mind if I smoke?" "No man , go right ahead." Many non-smokers will put up with an occasional request from someonne who wants to smoke in front of them beacuse they don't want to seem rude or unfriendly. However, according to a study by Dr. Ryo Otsuka and colleagues from Jpan, exposure to only30 minutes of smoking decrreases blood flow in the arteries that supply the heart Blood flow in the heart and other tissues depends on small cells that line their inner lining. These cells secrete chemicals that promote blood flow and protect they artery from disease and blood clots. Nicotine or cholesterol can disturb and impair these cells, which in turn makes themm sick and harms the way they workk.

Scientists thave known for years that exposure to passive smoke at home or work increases the risk of heart disease. this study was the first to show that even a single exposure to paassive smoke can be dangerous to your health