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A fat gut: ITS DEADLY!

If you have to be fat, it's better to carry it on your butt than in your gut. High abdominal fat increases your risk of heart attack, some types of cancer, and death by all causes. Scidentists have linked high gut fat to heart disease risk factors, such as high blood fats, insulin resistance (insulin helps control blood sugar), high insulin secretion, and blood clotting abnormalities. Italian researchers led by H.T. Guagnano found that waist circumference was a good predictor high blood pressure. Men with waists ouver 40 inches had a 300 percent greater chance of having high blood pressure than men with smaller waists.

Also, Women with waists greater than 34 inches doubled their risk compared to smaller-waist women, Common body composition measures, such as body mass index (a weight/height ratio) and waist to hip ratio were not predictors of the disease. High blood pressure is a destrutive disease that can cause heart attack and stroke. It looks like carrying too much fat around the middle can be deadly

Americas Fat asses

America has had an obesity problem for more than 100 years. Enough is enough! Things are getting ridiculous. In the last 10 years, obesity rates in some states increased by more than 100 percent. A Centers for Disease Control and Preventon study that examined nearly 200,000 Americans found that while 12 oercebt were obese in 1991, that number has increased to a whopping 20 percent. The costs are staggering-estimated at $100 billion a yer for medical treatment alone. The study noed similar increases in diabetes, with 15 millionnn Americans diagnosed with the disease. Almost 25 percent of people from Mississippi were obese- the highest in the nation..

Colorado was land of the lean, with 14 percent falling into the obese category. The researchers Blamed American's fat problem on rushed lifestyles that involve long commutes, fast food resaurants and too much television. They suggested that employers encourage exercise during work hours and serve healthier foods in their lunchrooms.